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Where's Larry?

16 August 1965
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I am married to aulaitcru.

You can learn something about me from the interests listed below.
78s, abandoned buildings, albany, anglophilia, asterix and ooblix, bad jews, bands, barbeque, baseball, beekeeping, book finds, books, bridges and tunnels, brooklyn, cannibals, cellos, cheech and chong, chess, chick tracts, chili, comedian harmonists, comics, community activism, county fairs, croquet, damon runyon, dandelion wine, dashiell hammett, doonesbury, dorothy l sayers, early punk rock, edward gorey, farm camp lowy, food, foraging, frank zappa, frederick exely, freemasons, frisbee, funk, funkadelic, g boucher's roast pork, gardening, garlic, george booth, gilbert shelton, glen baxter, graphic novels, greek, guitars, hallucinogenic cacti, homegrown opiates and hallucinogens, hot sauce, hot springs, ironing meat, james brown, james otis, james thurber, jams, johnny cash, jokes, jonathan richman, kimchee, klezmer, law, leftovers, lobsters, lord buckley, making music, manayunk, manual typewriters, marx brothers, mel brooks, mets, monty python, moonshine, mystery room, new york city, new yorker, newspaper, nyc subway, obsolete technology, old macs, old refrigerators, old stadiums, old timey music, olives, ovid, p g wodehouse, packrats, passover, philadelphia, philadelphia independent, phillip k dick, plato, playing live music, poetry, political scandals, pond party, pot, prohibition law, public speaking, public transportation, quakers, r crumb, raymond chandler, red dwarf, redheads, religious screeds, retard rock, richard brautigan, roadfood, rotary telephones, roxborough, russ meyers, saunas, sex, shoot the piano player, snakes, sourdough bread, sourdough starters, squid, st john's college, stoned guy food, stoner movies, swimming, talking on the telephone, the carter family, the cool books program, the fugs, the unrest cure, theramins, tintin, titanic songs, tom t hall, tractor pulls, trash picking, two fettered apes, underground comics, upright basses, used book stores, victrolas, viz, walking, weird food, wesley willis, whisky, wildman fischer, writing letters, zines