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i should be happy but i'm not.

Can anyone suggest an approach to undefucking myself?


no, don't think so..

is it hopeless?

I mean, do i just have to burn the damn houses down again?


that's a great icon.
I advise caution. Try practicing undefucking other people until you get it down, *then* try undefucking yourself.

I'm sorry, that's probably not too helpful. ("Notice how he *ain't* writin' it down--")

it's the middle of the night

and i'm less mad than i was when i went to sleep at 11 but more mad than i'll be when I wake up in 5 hours.

Re: it's the middle of the night

Then don't wake up in five hours. Go to sleep and sleep those five hours. (Backwards)

Re: it's the middle of the night

ok, i won't.

You're so often

full of good ideas.
I did and
i already feel better.