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EDO, the band in which i play, has a new album! Come and get it!

Since it’s as poetic as anything else I ever do, I would like to take the opportunity to announce my band, EDO, has finished our new CD ("Happy Daze") 13 tracks of madness and joy. You can order one at http://www.liveatthespace.com/edo/.

If you want to hear what it sounds like, there are preview tracks here. http://www.liveatthespace.com/edo/archives/happydaysroughsJune2010/

(x-posted to Brautigan)


hey! you guys are really good!
it's nice to finally hear EDO.
why is there no digital dl option?
i have no money now, but you bet yer buttons i'll order a copy when i do.

we will have a DL option

as soon as the record is actually done, we'll have it up (and a Digital download option) at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/EDO1. you can actually download most of the old stuff for free (and lots of other stuff...don't tell!) at http://www.liveatthespace.com/edo/archives/. explore all folders!

Re: we will have a DL option

that's super fabulous.