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i repeat myself when i'm distressed

know two useful facts. One of the two useful facts
is the theme music for Loony Toons
cartoons is a song entitled ‘Merry Go Round All Broke Down.’ The other
useful fact
i know is the correct title for
the song we usually think of as
‘The Circus Music’ is actually ‘The Entrance Of The Gladiators.’
What useful
facts do you know?




i'll give you three, unfortunately they all entail animal genitalia. i apologize-
raccoons have bones in their penises.
cats have barbs in their penises.
snakes have two penises. the hemipenes. it's actually quite interesting:
It is a saclike structure that must be turned inside out to be inserted in the cloaca of the female and can be removed only by turning it back to inside in, because to draw it out directly would damage the female considerably. The hemipenis is extremely variable in its overall appearance and structure; the cloaca of the female is often similarly constructed, thus preventing cross-fertilization by males of related species.